IT Virtualization in Trinidad—Strengths and Successes: Become an IT Success Story with CP Enterprise

With more than 25 years of industry experience, CP Enterprise is dedicated to providing superior service and following the strictest of practice standards to design thevery best IT solutions for your company’s individual networking needs.

You can afford to let your outdated networking infrastructure keep you in the dark while the competition dances on as shining stars. Are you concerned that your company connectivity needs are outgrowing your bandwidth capabilities?

Our clients have faced similar challenges. And because of us, they’ve reached new heights of success. Continue on to read some of their stories:

Eastern Credit Union Co‐operative Society (ECU)

ECU is one of Trinidad and Tobago’s largest credit unions. CP Enterprise’s major project with ECU involved upgrading the company’s WAN and LAN infrastructure throughout all of its 12 branches. To upgrade the WAN, CP Enterprise selected two major WAN providers: Flow and TSTT. Within 48 hours, we’d accomplished this first goal by replacing ECU’s end-of-life Motorola routers with Cisco 2800 series ISR routers.

Then we tackled the LAN infrastructure by equipping each branch with Cisco Catalyst 2960 switches to support IP Telephony, making the main office’s old collapsed Cisco Catalyst 6509 core a thing of the past.

Caribbean Money Market Brokers (CMMB)

CMMB, a major money market firm throughout the Caribbean, was suffering from sub-optimal LAN infrastructure, which was wreaking havoc on the company’s service delivery to internal users. The solution? Network improvement enhancement.

How did we do it? We completely reconfigured and upgraded the network by implementing a high-performance chassis-based Layer 3 Ethernet core switch, along with access layer switches. We deployed two Cisco series routers at the core and user access layers, and voila: CMMB’s internal user service productivity soared.

Associated Brands Industries Ltd. (ABIL)

ABIL, a leading snack foods manufacturer, was suffering from a situation too common in many organizations today: Internet usage abuse. Internet privilege abuse and spam were corroding the company’s expensive Internet bandwidth, slowing productivity and disrupting their bottom line.

CP Enterprise prescribed Websense Enterprise to regain complete control of end-user Internet access, along with documenting user browsing activities. We zapped spam by combining Symantec Mail Security with a DNS Real Time Black List subscription from Trend Micro, quickly putting control of the Internet right back into the hands of the company’s administrators.

Intercommercial Bank Ltd (IBL)

Major banking entity IBL knew improving its network security posture was crucial in the changing world of technology. They already had a Check Point firewall in place to control traffic between servers and clients, so we added a cluster of Cisco ASA5510 firewalls, complete with IPS modules to aid in client and server traffic separation. We ended the job by redeploying the Check Point firewall to create a demilitarized zone (DMZ) between the cluster and Internet. And we added Symantec Mail Security to boost email security.

Case closed.

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